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Travel Bag

Travel Bag

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In the travel bag you will find a passport, ticket and your own camera with a prism so that you can photograph your entire trip. If it is a long journey, there is an eye mask so that you can easily doze off and wake up just in time for arrival. There is also a map so you can see where you are going, and if you get bored there is a fun balloon game that you can play with your friends along the way. To play the game, roll the dice and put the right coloured tile on the matching coloured balloon. First one to fill the game tiles with balloons wins. Have a nice trip!

·       1 “Little Traveller” Carry Case
·       1 Passport
·       3 Tickets
·       1 Wooden Camera with Prism
·       1 Fabric Eye Mask
·       1 World Map (coated paper)
·    Travel game with 4 game tiles and 24 balloon counters
·       1 dice

Age: 18 months+

Material: Wood

Package : 27 x 2 x 22 cm

Product size: 17 x 22 cm 

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