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TK KG Scary Sleepover Tonie Figures

TK KG Scary Sleepover Tonie Figures

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Meet Gabby, the “G” to our favourite junior investigators team TKKG.

She speaks out for animals, is helpful, smart and the daughter of the chief inspector.

Dive into their new exciting case involving a series of burglaries in Metropol City and one very scary sleepover.

Tonies have created the innovative audio system that lives in over 1 million homes around the world: the Toniebox. Designed to encourage your little one's imagination and reduce their screen time as much as possible, the Toniebox is a music player that can be used independently by your child to enjoy stories and songs with the help of their favourite collectable characters. Tonies has also designed stylish headphones and carriers so you can listen to music on the move, or even create your own fun audio together.

  • Running Time: Approx 45 minutes
  • Age Recommendation: Age 5+
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