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Teddy stacking & sorting cubes

Teddy stacking & sorting cubes

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Five stackable, cardboard cubes designed in natural colours, with friendly animals and numbers 1-5 pictured on each side.

A stimulating activity toy with both stacking and sorting tasks, these cubes are both an educational toy developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination and a nice interior detail.

Praise your child as they insert the correct shape into the right cube and learn about numbers or build with the cubes and giggle as they knock them down and start over again.

Each cube has two different motifs, a number, and a shaped form into which the right wooden piece can be inserted.

The largest cube (number 5) is 12×12 cm.

Color: Multi

Age: 18 months+

Material: Wood, cardboard Package : 26 x 13 x 17

Product size: 12 x 12 x 12 cm

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