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Teddy activity wagon

Teddy activity wagon

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Our new sweet activity wagon is a fun toy that helps your child to get on his own. It is also fun to play with as it has a lot of fun activities on the front. The wagon is combined with fun activity toys for the child to develop their senses and motor skills.

The activity wagon not only encourages your child to learn to walk but also helps them to develop both balance and fine motor skills. Now a whole new world opens up for your child who can walk like never before. The wagon wheels are also specially designed to make no marks on the floor.

There is a small ball frame that the child can spin on and pull the balls forward and back.
A square block with different animal motifs on all sides so the child can mix together funny characters.
3 cogwheels in happy colors that you can spin on.
6 colorful stars that you can spin on.
The trolley has solid wooden wheels with rubber edges to gently drive over all floors.
The trolleyhas hand-painted details for finer expressions
On the back of the trolley there is a box where you can put all your favorite toys.

Color: Multi
Age: 1 Year+
Material: Wood, metal, rubber
Package : 35 x 10 x 50 cm
Product size: 33 x 29 x 47 cm

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