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Little Dutch Long Sleeves Bathsuit - Rosy Meadows

Little Dutch Long Sleeves Bathsuit - Rosy Meadows

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The Little Dutch Long Sleeves Bathsuit in Rosy Meadows will make a real splash at the beach. The long-sleeved swimsuit in the Rosy Meadows design is a delightful and stylish swimwear piece designed for both comfort and fashion. The base colour of the swimsuit is a charming light pink, complemented by the presence of small, intricate flowers scattered across the fabric. To further accentuate the playful and girly vibe, the swimsuit has adorable ruffles on the leg openings.

The zipper on the back enhances the ease of putting on and taking off the swimsuit, even when your little one is wet and sandy. A push button at the top of the zipper prevents long hair getting caught in the zipper. With the romantic Rosy Meadows design and practical details, this swimsuit is the perfect swimwear for memorable days at the beach. Even though the UPF-coating on the fabric of the swimsuit gives protection from the sun rays, don’t forget to always use sunscreen lotions to protect your little one.

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