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Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon

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Welcome to a truly luxurious beauty salon! Jabadabado’s wooden beauty salon is filled with everything you need to open your own salon at home. 

Allow the customers to sit comfortably in a chair and enjoy the treatment.

Makeup information :

Help the customers with their makeup before the party. Start by adding the cucumber slices to their eyes and apply a layer of face cream before you start with the makeup. Apply a layer of foundation and blush. What colour do you want for lipstick and eye shadow? You get the finishing touch by applying mascara and kajal around the customer’s eyes.

Hair information:

When the makeup is done, it’s time to take care of the hair. Style their hair in the most imaginative ways using a hairdryer, flat iron or curling iron before finishing with a little fixing hairspray. Of course, the visit ends with an exclusive perfume. When you have finished the treatment, the customer can have a look in the mirror to see the beautiful result.

All accessories are made of wood for smudge-free playing. The beauty salon has wheels and handles so it can be easily moved and on the two shelves all make-up and hair products can be stored. A total of 26 different luxurious accessories are included. Guaranteed to keep the child occupied for hours. Encourages creative role play and only the imagination sets the limits when the play begins.

  • Contains:
    1 x beauty salon with mirror
    1 x comb
    1 x hairdryer
    1 x flat iron
    1 x curling iron
    1 x hairspray
    1 x foundation
    2 x brushes
    1 x nail file
    3 x nail polish in different colours
    3 x lipstick in different colours
    1 x face cream
    2 x cucumber slices to put on the eyes
    1 x mascara
    2 x rouge in different colours
    1 x palette with eyeshadow
    2 x kajal pens
    1 x perfume bottle
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